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Air crash [userpic]
subHuman DVD easter egg
by Air crash (brokenangelred)
at 27th September 2007 (22:43)

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Could someone please explain this to me?


Posted by: cote1984 (cote1984)
Posted at: 30th September 2007 00:20 (UTC)

what is that??????

Posted by: Tiffany Fuchsia (xfuchsiax)
Posted at: 2nd October 2007 21:59 (UTC)

It's a flashing picture of a person kayaking.


Posted by: Air crash (brokenangelred)
Posted at: 2nd October 2007 22:09 (UTC)
Alan hamster

Yes, but the real question is why is there like 15 minutes of it on my subHuman DVD?

Alan has been in the crack. :-(

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