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rhubarbgirl [userpic]
by rhubarbgirl (rhubarbgirl)
at 4th June 2007 (18:50)

here you go from the depechemode.de site
translated from german via babel fish:

Alan of savages, dear of who fans after more than ten years since its door with Depeche mode misses still and painfully, was at the end of of May 2007 in Berlin, around the world press punctually for release of its new Recoil album “subHuman” To stand speech and answer.
depechemode.de met an extremely charming and well gelaunten Alan of savages in the citizen of Berlin “Hotel Q” and spoke with it about the new Recoil album “subHuman”, over pro and cons of the InterNet age, over the search for talents and naturally ueber…Depeche Mode…

“Hotel Q” Berlin, 24 May 2007

depechemode.de that last Recoil album “Liquid” is past whole seven years. Like for a long time the preparations, and/or the photographs for your new work have “subHuman” lasted?
Alan of savage the actual photographs took about one year. Before I had to spend however some time to train me to learn handling the studio technology again again. That took perhaps two months. Know you, many things in the meantime changed. There was e.g. a quantity of new software, with which I had to be occupied only. That dragged on some time. On the other side one then still time for additional things had like a Surround sound mixing, which apply a Ambient mixing and actual mast ring of the album. That lasted also still times quite a while. One can say thus, it was finally in approximately one and a half years.

depechemode.de can be of advantage it actually also, if one is not necessarily on the height of the time, if it concerns new technologies?

Alan of savages already, but... I thinks, that is not important actually too. I mean, naturally use I gladly new technologies and new aids, since the work thereby interests me much. I find most Tools nowadays simply great. In former times one could not obtain many results, how they are possible with photographs nowadays. I enjoy the today's technology thus already. At the end there is however the good ideas, which count. Technology is not everything.

depechemode.de gave it for you during the photographs to “subHuman” completely personal high points or and again also rather more difficult moments?

Alan of savages of one of the high points was real to travel after Texas in order to take up there with Joe Richardson. We had a really merry time and the work preceded very fast. I mean, all photographs with Joe took only one week. That was really quick and it made said simple like fun. I to it material had before already dispatched, so that he knew already early, what it to make wanted. Until we met, I did not know actually, what compiled Joe. He is a traditional musician of the old school, which simply would like to play and for any kind of music is very open. It did not have any reservations opposite all this electronic things, which I sent to it. He said: “Ich would like to make simply only music, for Mann…!”. For me this function is ideal, because I am like that something like a director. Give me your performance and I take up it.

you would consider depechemode.de to work again with Joe Richardson?
Alan of savages possibly. However it has a very own style and one must be careful that one does not repeat oneself. I like actually constant changes, make gladly different things. But in principle I would work again with Joe.

depechemode.de “subHuman” nearly like an accusation, an account sounds. Is it that?

Alan of savage (it considered) not whole. Now, “subHuman” a form of subordination describes, e.g. that a group of humans places itself over another. It concerns the cycle of the human nature, which we can observe everywhere in the world, nowadays possibly even more than ever. If one really umschaut oneself, one finds everywhere examples. It can be a social class, it could religion be, it can on personal even be, it can because of sexualitaet be, it can because of all possible things be. That is really a behavior pattern, with which on everyone, by possibly whom on any way, down one looks. That is the idea behind it. In this kind I try to understand this album or me that together reimen. There is not as well known my texts. There is to a large extent Joes of words, therefore it is only my interpretation of what it made. But nevertheless I can reconstruct that it is a provocative word. Probably straight in Germany, if one itself the meaning of the word “Untermensch” (he says on German) before eyes leads. Therefore it is provoking in this regard a little. But it is not appropriate to stigmatisieren a certain group from humans to.

depechemode.de Depeche mode never was like U2. It was avoided as far as possible in the years to express itself publicly politically. Is Alan of savages how political? And you see “subHuman” as political concept album?

Alan of savages , one can say that it is the partial, but I am not really political in the sense. And as I already said, it go rather around the nature of humans. Interests me thereby much more. I mean, that am even a topic, which very often emerges with Recoil, the dark side of human nature. And also with “subHuman” it concerns rather, as around political ideals or conceptions. I do not have anything against it if musicians are political, but I am not real it.

depechemode.de served ones one itself on the predecessor albums rather at classical Blues elements, then you seem on “subHuman” in music during the political protest movement of the USA starting from center of the 60's arrived. Soundspielereien lasting several minutes and nearly psychedelische reminds often on volume such as Canned Heat, The Byrds, Eric Burdon or also of The move. The last 4 minutes of the TRACK “Intruders” culminate to skirt in a sound carpet from Blues, jazz and Psychedelic. The Song “Backslider” reminded with its heavy harmonica to old Canned Heat classical author such as “Evil Woman”, “It's all right” or “Mean old World”. Was this musical increase form intended or is deceptive the impression?

Alan of savage Puh... (laughters) ... I thinks, that is very interesting points, which you address there. I mean, these influences am in any case there and it come partially also from Joe themselves. The musical part of me reacts then to a certain extent and tries that further to develop. That is, also much which it made, became later added. To the first part the question, in that it around this political thing is... perhaps gives with “5000 Years” a TRACK, which is somewhat more obvious a kind anti-American statement. I try to follow the Song idea and to the whole one to a certain extent my handwriting lend. Joe wrote a simple Song over 5000 years mankind history and what we learned in this time among other things over wars. I tried then to pack the whole as it were into a picture to under-paint and light up it too musical. Joe tells the TRACKS and I adds the sounds.

depechemode.de you developed thus the music around Joes Lyrics around?

Alan of savages , in this case came only its text and then my sounds. With most other TRACKS it turned around rather: I first, then it.

depechemode.de and was the result thereby another compared with the remaining Songs?

Alan of savages , I thinks already. With “5000 Years”, as also with “Backslider”, the last TRACK on the album, was it like that: It first, then I. And both are in a kind the konventionelleren Songs of the album. Nevertheless I tried to develop it further to give them mean Recoil stamps my tendency to interpret.

depechemode.de thus is probably it an interesting beginning to turn the working process?

Alan of savages , quite. Some the references mentioned, e.g. Canned Heat are indeed in the pieces contain, also the harmonica. These sounds work simply very well with Joe. I have themselves somehow always interested in psychedelische sounds... for things played backwards.

depechemode.de we know now that Joe inspired you very much. From where do you get otherwise still your inspirations?

Alan of savage that was always a very difficult question. I think, from everywhere... that may a bloede answer be, I white. But it is really rather intuitive. The kind as I works is to a certain extent rather those to think not to try too much about it.

depechemode.de I is very visual humans. I connect much with colors and forms or have immediately a certain picture in the head, if I hear something. With others against it much runs over acoustic attractions...

Alan of savage I tries to create with my sounds pictures. For me tones are also more direct than pictures.

depechemode.de is thus already a goal of you, if you begin with the work?

Alan of savages , the problem is that I do not have really a goal, if I begin with the work. A new project is like a white canvas. On it are a set of acoustic coincidences. That is, if I interconnect two things, suddenly something unforeseeable follows. Then legend I either: “Nein, that is not gut”, or evenly: “Ja, that is gut”. Even if I do not know and again perhaps at all, why. If I like it, I turn into to the next step. There is several steps and one there leads the composition in the long run where one would like to have her. And perhaps only then I begin to think about it: “Ja, that is a rather good way, leaves to us the gehen!”. One follows its instinct and approaches the thing on, it happens unconsciously.

depechemode.de still times to the texts. You do not write it thus, but excluding yours guest singer/inside...

Alan of savages in contrast to the previous album does not give it on "subHuman" too much text. On “Liquid” there was much Spoken Words, much text. This plate is many simpler and many open for interpretations.

depechemode.de however you decides at the end, which texts are used or which topic are treated?

Alan of savages not so much the whole topic, but individual parts perhaps. Sometimes I said: “Von of this line I am not like that begeistert” or: “Koennen we this place pack here there? That became perhaps better funktionieren”. Or I legend simply: “Nein, that is not toll”. With Joe it is like that that we hear so quite that, what it wrote. With Carla it ran a little differently. It made some things, with which I said: “Da am not I me sicher”. Then she tried something else, which I liked....

depechemode.de it is more a feeling, which you try to mediate. It concerns obviously not each individual word or to special contents, but...

Alan of savage I does not mean... with Carla was some singing passages as it were pure sound, a text. Similarly as with Elizabeth Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. Obviously there the texts are all too also not important. But I think, where there are texts, should these also a sense result in. I would like that they correspond to the music. Normally the Texter reacts to the music and writes something that functions with it at the end. I make rather darker things. Thus they write somewhat, what quite interesting and also is a little darker. Therefore it gives usually no problems with the texts. But I try to let them their own thing make.

depechemode.de which is the most creative and the most pleasant aspect, if one produces an album? Is it composing, producing, the letter? Or if all parts join themselves slowly?
Alan of savages of one of the most pleasant moments is, if one created a straight break-through, took one a good performance out of itself. Or if one can say: “Oh yeah, that becomes in any case funktionieren!”. When I came back with the whole things from Texas, which we had taken up there, I was very excited, because I knew that I could employ much with the material. I would not have to look for things, I had everything there. I needed to push it only there, where I wanted to have it. That was a really good moment.

depechemode.de as looks for and finds you yours guest singer/inside? In the press text the speech is even from Google. That sounds however very adventurous.

Alan of savages is actually correct. And why not? Know you, it give many talentierte humans there outside, perhaps not them being entitled acknowledgment gotten. It is mad to discover and perhaps support such people. I could not seize it, when I heard Joes voice. That he is not more well-known... he became never somewhere famous, has however such a great voice... thus why not this technology to use, the InterNet, the communication ways, which give it nowadays?

depechemode.de music is audiovisual, music is product design. Do you think during the work about possible formats, about Covergestaltung or possible videos or do leave you this work to others?

Alan of savages no. One cannot really think about the Cover, if one does not know yet at all, how the music will sound itself. Cover and music would with one another have nothing do. And as I already did not say, if I began, white I yet, where the journey at the end goes. Therefore the title of a plate comes completely in the end. One tries to find a way to present a plate meaningfully.

the depechemode.de title “subHuman” came thus completely in the end?

Alan of savage details. Only then one thinks about how one presents the album optically. I gave my ideas to a diagram designer, told him, for which it my opinion after on “subHuman” goes. We discussed and it left ourselves thereupon somewhat to break in. I wanted graphically somewhat completely different one, than otherwise.

depechemode.de , that succeeded to you with the album Cover. Which idea puts behind?

Alan of savages thus the shop window dolls, all these plastic models, should as “wertlos” are represented. Humans thus, who can be positioned at any time, which as it were the idea of “subHuman” plots. To a certain extent they are thus Untermen. One sees it in many, to different situations, everyday life situations... if one the complete Artwork to release regarded, one will know, what I mean. And that was the idea behind it.

depechemode.de nowadays succeeds it to artists ever more rarely to sell an album on the normal way loss-free. The industry groans because of turnover break-downs by various exchange stock exchanges and illegal CD copying. You said 2001 in an interview that there were problems with the spreading of your music and you see therefore exchange stock exchanges within a certain framework as legitimate means. Did your opinion change in this connection meanwhile?

I think Alan of savages no, in the reason still in such a way. Clearly, it is not good for the disk companies and for their conversions. But I think, for someone like me... I cannot expect no more that my plates actually come into the shops. That will not no more pass. If I liked to act on same level as other musicians, sources of on-line are the only way and that is also the way, as the people buy today music. One cannot stop it, it will pass. The single market dies, to plates and CDs it will no longer for a long time give.

depechemode.de “subHuman” dipped two days ago in the InterNet on...

Alan of savages , I heard already of it... such a thing happened stop. I think, which protects fan will wait, in order to get it. From therefore it I make myself over it also no concerns. The format MP3 should be improved however, so that the quality is good enough. If the quality is correct, I have thereby no problems. We will make e.g. soon an International Telecommunication Union it package. The complete Recoil Backkatalog is published in the next weeks with iTunes, i.e. including everything mixes, all Special mixing. We will offer these things in a newer, improved MP3-Format. It will sound thus better. Perhaps not perfectly, but already rather well.

depechemode.de you surely heard of the support he model of the collapsing new buildings. What do you hold of it?

Alan of savages , I heard of it. What exact do they make?

depechemode.de thus the “Supporter” in such a way specified; pay in advance an amount to the volume. However with this money this produces then its album, perfectly independently of a label or the music industry. But the supporters receive finally a special expenditure of the album, alternatively with DVD. The “Supporter” can also with regular Webcast transmissions before at the developing process of the album sharings. There is a quantity of additional extras.

Alan of savage that is in any case very interesting and welcome.

depechemode.de where lives Alan of savages actually, thus in which city?

Alan of savage I lives in no city. I live on the country. I may it however visit cities to reconciliation.

depechemode.de where is the legendary “Thin Line”-Studio exactly?

Alan of savages in my house, however in a separate building.

you hear depechemode.de which music privately?

I hate Alan of savage Oh, this question! (laughs...) that is really difficult to answer. Actually I hear all possible things, not too much new. I really hear many different things. I have myself recently nod Cave bought, the “Grinderman”-Album of him. That is, I hear it momentarily. I did not also really buy it, because I the CDs of in such a way get. (laughters) I love it anyhow. Which still, times consider... air, Morrissey, Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead. It made a plate for a film - for “Bodysong”. It resembles little Recoil. Very versatile and really well. Thus as said, I hear all possible things.

depechemode.de still another few questions concerning Depeche mode. Did you think ever about a return?

Alan of savages no, over it I really never thought.

depechemode.de thus was probably it a good decision for you...

Alan of savages .

depechemode.de you has however recently to the “Remastered Editions” old Depeche mode albums cooperated. Can you tell us something over the sifting and selection of the film-Materials?
Alan of savage it was really rather interesting to hear the albums times again. The actual concept was, the original mixes in somewhat better quality for the “Remastered Editions” to reproduce. Therefore it was not so interesting to work on because it did not offer many options to me to somewhat possibly change. It was only a technical affair. The documentations were however very interesting and it are contained a quantity of my personal video material. The old photographs are from me, therefore I am to be also never seen in them. I think, this small Filmchen am made really good. I would see gladly a long version of it, a large film over the entire Depeche mode thing.

depechemode.de gives it still more material, to which the fans can look forward?

Alan of savages not really... I think, we already so quite everything used. (grinst...)

depechemode.de we thank you for the discussion and say good-bye with many, dear greetings, which were sent by numerous fans to depechemode.de.

Alan of savage thanks, that is really very nice.

Interview: Dennis Burmeister, Nina Witkiewicz and Marcel Kochert